GMMK PRO Polycarbonate Plate Installation Guide

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Need some help installing your Polycarbonate Plate?

Never fear - Glorious is here!

  1. Please remove the screws from your GMMK PRO's outer case in the order shown below.
  1. After you have pulled your current PCB / Plate out of the GMMK PRO, remove the next set of screws in the following order (Note: the (4) outside screws are longer than the other screws).

    [A] Gasket screws – middle of board (2) + casings (2)
    Do not misplace the casings!

    [B] Outside screws (4)

    [C] Outer edge screws (8)

  1. Take the Polycarbonate Plate and turn it face down before...
    1. Attaching the (2) side light strips (don't screw in quite yet).
    2. Placing the foam onto the Polycarbonate Plate (while it is facing down).
    3. While the Polycarbonate Plate is still facing down, place the PCB board into position.
    4. Once the PCB is semi-secured, press and take both plates together and gently turn them face up.
    5. Use BOTH hands and secure either side first (where the light strips are located).

  1. Take a look at your plate so far! Please note that the Polycarbonate Plate is a flexible material that is being placed onto another semi-flexible material - there is no warping occurring.

    Please review the notes below before moving forward with the next steps.

    [A] You must make sure that all stabilizers are mounted and flush with the PCB for the Polycarbonate Plate to fit correctly.

    [B] You must make sure the Polycarbonate Plate is secured in all of these areas for it to fit correctly on the PCB.

    [C] You must make sure the side light strips are secured correctly.
    Using 3rd party stabilizers (i.e. Durock or NovelKeys)?

    Please note that these stabilizers may need some force to install. When installing 3rd party stabilizers, install from the rotary knob corner and move the plate across the board from that point
  2. BEFORE securing the Polycarbonate Plate with screws, make sure you are using the correct screws.
    You cannot use the stock plate screws - you must use the screws (sheet metal screws) that came with your Polycarbonate Plate.
    1. Please use a standard precision screwdriver. An automatic, electric screwdriver, like a Wowstick, will not work with the sheet metal screws.
    2. Insert screws in the same process as Step 2's removal.

      [A] Gasket screws middle of the board (2)

      [B] Outside screws for the light strips (4)

      [C] Outer edge screws (8)
    3. You must make sure that the Polycarbonate Plate is sitting flush with the PCB and that all tabs have been ‘Clicked’ into place (see images in Step 4).
  3. Once the Polycarbonate Plate is installed correctly, you can start putting your GMMK PRO back together in full!
    1. Place the PCB / Plate back into the GMMK PRO's bottom casing.
    2. Attach the power cable and ensure that both ends of the power cord are connected properly. Also, please check that the cable is secure in the bottom casing's cable canal before closing the GMMK PRO case. If it is not, the case won't close properly.
      Some shifting of the assembled plate and board may need to be done to fully settle into the bottom casing.
    3. Gently lower the top casing into place. If it does not secure immediately, you can apply light pressure and some shifting of the top casing to fit the top and bottom casing together. Even if the top and bottom casing is not flush, this is acceptable. The final case screws should bring both pieces together.
    4. Put the rotary knob back into its place.
    5. Flip the GMMK PRO over - carefully! - and screw the top casing in. Follow the same order seen in Step 1.

You're all done - enjoy!

There are some final notes to keep in mind while using a Polycarbonate Plate.
  • The Polycarbonate Plate and the PCB are two flexible materials. This means that when they are attached to each other, they will not make a completely stable material.
  • To help avoid shifting of the Polycarbonate Plate while installing switches, try inserting switches from top to bottom on the GMMK PRO starting from the rotary knob over.
  • The casing is the 'anchor' for both the PCB and the Polycarbonate Plate.
  • No damage should occur, even with repeated removal and reassembly (within reason).
  • If switches are 'floating' after assembly, this means that the Polycarbonate Plate is not installed correctly. Please try again!

With that said, should you have any concerns with your Polycarbonate Plate, our Customer Service team will be happy to assist you.

Please reach out to us here!

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