GMMK/GMMK PRO Keycap and Switch Compatibility

Glorious Pell Updated by Glorious Pell

  • All GMMK models are compatible with Glorious, Gateron, Kailh, and Cherry switches. 
    • Other brand switches will likely work if they meet the criteria, but we haven't tested them on the GMMK.
  • The GMMK PRO supports 5-pin PCB-mounted switches out of the box. 
    • All other GMMK models require the clipping of two plastic legs before installation. 
    • These models support 3-pin plate mount switches out of the box
  • All GMMK models are not compatible with low-profile switches. 
  • SMD LED compatible switches allow the GMMK's RGB backlighting to shine through most effectively. 

  • All Glorious keycaps are Cherry MX, Gateron, and Kailh stems compatible.
  • All GMMK models support most keycap profiles, including OEM, Cherry, DSA, SA, and more.

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