GMMK PRO Product Overview

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GMMK PRO Features:

GMMK PRO is an ultra-premium, gasket-mounted 75% layout keyboard built for enthusiasts, gamers, and professionals.

  • MSRP: $169.99
  • 75% keyboard layout
  • Removable USB-C Cable
  • Gasket Mounted
  • Default Aluminum Plate w/ Additional Plate Materials Available
  • Sound Dampening Material Under Switch Plate and PCB

Polling Rate
  • 125 Hz, 250 Hz, 500 Hz, 1000 Hz.
  • The polling rate is saved onto the firmware
  • 3 available profiles for users to save their settings
    • Each profile has 3 layers
  • Each layer can have different key assignments (including macros)
  • The lighting effect for each layer will be the same as the effect for the profile the layer belongs to.
  • Profile size: 60 KB per profile (20 per layer)

Programmable Rotary Encoder
  • Fully Programmable Knob (clickable)
  • Controls Volume & Media by default
  • Unlimited rotation in either direction

Screw-In GOAT Stabilizers.
  • Factory Lubed with G-Lube and cut, screw-in stabilizers
  • Stabilizers have transparent housings
  • Support for 7u

QMK and VIA Compatible
  • Compatible with QMK and VIA opensource firmware
  • GMMK PRO ships with default firmware
  • Also compatible with easy-to-use Glorious Core software

5-Pin Modular PCB
  • 5-Pin south-facing PCB
  • Fully modular, hot-swappable to easily add and remove your favorite switches
  • Supports plate and PCB mounted switches
  • Supports clip-in or screw-in stabilizers

Regarding Durock / Zeal / 3rd party stabilizers: Regarding other brand stabilizers support, most 3rd party stabilizers should fit fine on the aluminum/pc/brass plates. However, there is a tolerance issue on certain brands such as Durock. Aluminum and PC will fit fine, but require some force. For brass, you must file off a bit from the side stab housing for them to fit. We are of course looking into solutions to make these stabs fit better for future batches as well.

  • Right Shift key is 1.75u
  • Spacebar is 6.25u
  • Bottom row is 1u
  • Standard left side

CNC Aluminum Case
  • Individually machined and engraved.
  • Aesthetic high-profile frame.
  • High-quality Aluminum (6062).
  • Comes in Black Slate or White Ice (Anodized like the GMMK 1).
  • Weight: ~3.5 lbs or 1.6kg.
  • Dimensions: 332mm x 135mm.
  • Typing angle is 6° and has no case legs.
  • Has 4x rubber feet at the bottom.
  • EVA foam under the PCB

  • 16.8 Million RGB colors
  • Per key RGB Lighting
  • Multiple color modes and animations
  • Distinct side lighting
  • Includes RGB and a diffuser to help blend the LED lights for a soft glow
  • The caps lock key is implemented with the side lights. No dedicated indicator

  • Premium USB C cable (detachable)
  • Length: 6ft (Black cable for Slate Black or White cable for White Ice)
  • The PRO's USB C port has a separate PCB which is connected by a wire to the main PCB

Included in Packaging

Basic switch puller

USB Cable

Extra Gaskets


2 Year Warranty

GMMK PRO Key Sizes


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