[INT] My order tracking page says 'Arrival In Country', but I have received no further updates for a long time.

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International orders can carry extra complexity, and ship times & tracking are often unpredictable.

Once your order reaches its "destination country", DHL will likely pass your order off to a local shipping/postal carrier. You may not always be given a local tracking ID for the package. In this case don't panic, your order should still be fine and on its way - depending on the efficiency of your local carrier it can take 1-3 additional weeks to arrive. 

Some (not all) orders may be given a local tracking ID, which can be found here on the DHL tracking page:

This means you can go to the website of your country's national post service and enter the local tracking ID there for status updates.

If you don't get a local tracking ID it does not mean your package is not on its way!

If it's been more than 25 business days since your package shipped out, we advise you to contact your local postal office to inquire if they have attempted delivery, if there was an error, or if they are holding it for some reason. If you receive no information on your package, please get in touch with us so we can assist you ASAP.

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