Contacting Glorious Support

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Let's face it. Nobody wants to have a problem. The good news is, our Glorious Support team is awesome and ready to help. 

When contacting our Support team with technical issues, we may ask that you send a quick video of the reported issue, the product's serial number (if possible), and your Order ID.

Since we're not there to see what issue you're having, sending us the video helps us make sure we're on the same page as you so we can quickly offer a solution. Follow the steps here to send us a video using Dropbox. You can also use Streamable if you desire.

Your video should have the following:

  • Order ID
  • A clear view of the issue you're experiencing
  • A serial number for keyboard and mice issues (visible on the product box and the product itself)

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How to Share Your Video With Our CS Agents