Glorious Coiled Cables features and specs

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Would be great if you guys offered some super-cool coiled cables for your keyboards... is it too much to ask?

Well, guess what!? We live to deliver! It gives us great pleasure to introduce you to our coiled USB cables. Each Glorious Coiled Cable comes with aviator connectors that can power up your mechanical keyboard.

Glorious coiled cables features:

MSRP: 49.99USD

Coil length: 6"

Double-braided cable with tight springiness

Straight cable length: 4 ft

Total length including coils: 4.5 feet

USB 2.0 cable


Plastic molded USB plateChrome, white, or black aviators

5-pin aviator connector

90 degree device side orientation

Yes! On my way to increase my Glorious accessory collection!

We don't blame you, the Coiled Cables are a must have for every keyboard enthusiast!

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